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What is the Ejaculation Trainer Alpha Package?

The Alpha Package includes everything in the basic package - along with some very powerful "Ejaculation Trainer Add-ons" and a variety of other products that will...

  • Boost your ejaculatory threshold even further and help you permanently overcome premature ejaculation even faster.
  • A Revolutionary New Method that will show you how to easily LAST AS LONG AS YOU WANT. This is easy to learn and can be used to last longer IMMEDIATELY.
  • Increase and fine-tune your abilities in other areas of sexual performance and satisfying women... there's more than just your ejaculation to master if you want to be GREAT in bed.

  • Show you how to be successful with women in ALL regards. In short, you'll learn all the do's and don'ts, along with countless techniques, tips, and other information to maximize your success with women outside the bedroom.

    You, your game, and your abilities need to be capable in all aspects of dating/relationships if you want to stand out from the crowd and be with the woman (or women) you actually WANT to be with... and deserve to be with.

    Whether you're with many women, or have someone special you're in a relationship with, this stuff is POWERFUL... and 100% ethical.

Below are more details on the Ejaculation Trainer Alpha Package...

Ejaculation Trainer - Couples Guide

$39 Value!

The Ejaculation Trainer eBook all by itself is 100% Guaranteed to cure PE...


Couples using this blueprint will cure premature ejaculation much easier and faster than a man by himself.

However, you don't need to be in a relationship to benefit from this guide...

You can always just save it for now and use it in the future when you do have a partner.

If You're in a Relationship... This Powerful eBook is a MUST

In the Couples Guide you'll learn a simple blueprint that you and your partner can follow to speed up the process and get better results.

The techniques in this eBook are designed specifically for couples that want to work with each other to get over the problem.

A couple who are working together is without a doubt the fastest and easiest way to overcome premature ejaculation.

This short, yet powerful eBook will give you a step-by-step blueprint to follow...

You will increase your natural ejaculatory threshold with your partner day by day...

While at the same time gain valuable experience that will increase your ability at controlling ejaculation.

Within a matter of days, your problems with PE will be completely phased out of your relationship.

You don't need to be in a relationship to benefit from The Couples Guide...

You can always just save it for now and use it in the future when you do have a partner.

Ejaculation Trainer - Multiple Orgasms For Men

$29 Value!

You'll learn the 4 types of male multiple orgasms and how to have each one...

Once you practice and perfect this ability, you'll have a level of control most men only dream of.

After you acquire this ability, lasting long enough becomes a non-issue altogether.

An Innovative, Extremely Effective Method...

With this method, you'll be able to go for Literally as Long as You Want!

I'm sure you're well aware that women are capable of having multiple orgasms...

Well the truth is, men are too!

The vast majority of men are unaware of this ability, or unsure of exactly how it's done.

In this easy to understand eBook I get straight to the point and show you exactly how to have multiple orgasms...

You'll also learn all the crucial need-to-know info surrounding these techniques and how they're performed correctly.

There are a few sources that do in fact cover male multiple orgasms - BUT their method of doing it is archaic and outdated.

It takes a little practice and some accurate information to go by... but the answer is YES, men can have multiple orgasms. 

Ejaculation Trainer - 10 Steps To Give Women Powerful Orgasms

$19 Value!

The percentage of men who are considered by their partner(s) to be the best they've ever had...

Is VERY LOW... it's mathematically impossible for it to be otherwise.

This is Exactly What it Says
On The Cover...

You'll see the secrets behind giving earth shattering orgasms to any woman you're with...

...and all in ten simple steps.

Women will never forget you if you're able to rock their world like this...

They'll talk about you to their girlfriends, and you'll be the yardstick every future lover has to measure up to.

Lasting long enough to satisfy your lady is important...

...but knowing how to take it a step further and drive her wild can make all the difference...

Especially if it's a girl you'd like to hang on to.

With the stuff I reveal here, you'll be able to drive her over the edge again and again... something few men are truly capable of.

Ejaculation Trainer - 10 Steps To Give Women Powerful Orgasms

$49 Value!

Penis enlargement is something I have always been curious about... and since releasing the Ejaculation Trainer I have been bombarded with questions about it like you wouldn't believe!

I've discovered through people's testimonials, thorough research, and even from personal experience - that natural penis enlargement is not only possible...

...but that it's actually been around for quite some time now (although it's just beginning to hit mainstream).

The Size Trainer
Natural Penis Enlargement

Inside this course you’ll discover a complete A to Z System to naturally and safely enlarge your penis.

This isn't some cheap 5 page guide...

It's a full fledged penis enlargement course that will show you how to add 1-3 inches with simple exercises you can do in your spare time.

Despite all the fancy pills being advertised everywhere...

Exercising is the only way to get true gains in length and girth - and experience NOTICEABLE results that can actually be measured and appreciated.

It even includes illustrations and step-by-step instructions for all the exercises.

Many websites are charging $50-$100 for similar exercise programs. In fact, I actually believe my exercise program is better in many ways because I explain the mechanics of penis enlargement and how it works...

...and I give you specific routine charts to follow based on the type of results you're looking for...

Whether it's length, girth, or a balance of both... I'll show you the correct exercises and routine to follow to obtain noticeable results.

Kama Sutra Lovemaking Techniques and Positions

$39 Value!

Kama Sutra
Lovemaking Techniques

After you get your ejaculation under control, you're going to want further improvements in your sexual capabilities.

Kama Sutra is just that...

This incredibly ancient sexual practice consists of hundreds of different sexual techniques and positions that are designed to increase pleasure, enjoyment, and excitement.

Kama Sutra is a personal favorite of mine, which is why I chose to offer this..

...and I'm telling you...


It's also a great way to keep your relationship and sex life exciting and unpredictable.

There's a reason why Kama Sutra is almost as old as human history itself, yet is still around today and as popular as ever.

And as you'll read in the Ejaculation Trainer, Kama Sutra follows many of the same principles that are required to end premature ejaculation...

So this will be an additional aid in helping you rid yourself of PE.

Kama Sutra Lovemaking Techniques and Positions

$49 Value!

The Player's Guide
Attracting & Picking Up Women

Whether you're a player or not, this eBook is a resource no man should ever be without.

The methods and information discussed here are based on scientific facts obtained from a university study on women!!!

Learn the secrets of how to properly project yourself and your approach to women, so you can instantly and effectively build attraction and rapport.

This is NOT pick-up line garbage; it's thoroughly tested, very effective 'psych technology' that very few men know about.

Additionally, this isn't just for 'picking up women'...

It can also be used in a relationship to rekindle the flame - it will make you appear more attractive and masculine to your partner... GUARANTEED.

It has nothing to do with manipulation, unethical behavior, or changing who you are as a person...

Instead, think of it as way to 'fine-tune' your masculinity, charm, and overall Attractiveness or Sexiness.

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The Ejaculation Trainer Alpha Package is the Most Advanced, Effective System EVER Developed to Permanently STOP Premature Ejaculation.

I highly recommend you don't pass up this discounted offer...

I've sold thousands of copies at $99 with NO complaints about the value whatsoever.  I assure you, guys who get this are always glad they did. The Alpha Package truly is a helpful add-on to the Ejaculation Trainer - the additional benefits in your sexual performance dramatically outweigh the extra costs.

Not only is this an amazing deal... but by using these additional materials you can greatly enhance your results from the Ejaculation Trainer...

  • The couples guide can be crucial to your success if you have a wife or girlfriend. It gives you a step-by-step blueprint that shows you how to work together and solve this problem a lot more quickly and effectively than you would on your own.
  • The 10 Steps To Give Powerful Orgasms has obvious benefits that any man would want. Lasting isn't going to do any good if you don't know how to satisfy a woman properly. Even if you already consider yourself knowledgeable on the subject, why not learn some more? A man can never learn too much about the art of sex and the female sexual response/erogenous zones. With this information you can literally become the best she's ever had.
  • And learning how to have multiple orgasms? This is something that can WORK WONDERS. Once you master this ability, the entire concept of PE and controlling/preventing ejaculation becomes utterly irrelevant - as if it's a foreign concept that doesn't even make sense to you anymore.
  • Last but not least... there's more to satisfying a woman than just being able to last a long time. These additional eBooks & bonuses will fine-tune your skills and transform you into an Alpha Male who excels at EVERY aspect of lovemaking - and essentially, at captivating women in all regards (and nothing unethical - it's a good thing!). You'll become a seductive, knows-what-he's-doing type of guy, and any woman will be lucky to have you.

So Take Advantage of the Alpha Package Today and Elevate Your Sexual Performance to an Entirely New Level.

P.S. The Alpha Package WILL go back up to $99 here soon. The truth is, just about everyone chooses the Alpha Package, and it sells almost as good when priced higher (after all, it does include 9 products vs. 3 in the regular package). There's no reason for me to leave it at this price much longer... it would just be a bad business decision. So get it while the getting's good!

P.S.S. I created the Alpha Package for a reason. I'm not here to just sell a product and make money... I do this because I ENJOY it and am PASSIONATE about this topic...

...I genuinely want you to end Premature Ejaculation and experience the enormous amount of relief that will follow, as I did - therefore I'm going to give you all the tools and information I possibly can...

I know for a FACT - If you combine the 'Couples Guide', 'Multiple Orgasms For Men', and the '10 Steps' with the Ejaculation Trainer, you will overcome Premature Ejaculation more quickly and efficiently than the Ejaculation Trainer by itself.

Remember, everything can be instantly accessed online from our private member's area, so you can use the Ejaculation Trainer TODAY, and forever after - There's NO additional costs in the future.

Thanks for choosing the Ejaculation Trainer - I'll see you on the other side!

Matt Gorden

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