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Did you know that your breathing patterns can play a role in how long you last?

In this post I’m going to briefly discuss a few things about breathing and how it affects when you ejaculate. I’m also going to go over a an extremely effective breathing technique that can be used to lower arousal and therefore delay ejaculation.

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Developing better control over your breathing and paying close attention to it will give you a better sense of control over your entire body and arousal level. It’s no wonder that virtually every form of focused meditation or other disciplines, such as Kung Fu, involve developing control over breathing. It’s even been demonstrated that breathing can affect your overall health.

I recommend taking some time each day to perform some meditative breathing exercises. They will improve your energy, feeling of well-being, and serotonin production (which directly affects when you ejaculate).

Most men make the critical mistake of taking short fast breaths during sex. Breathing like this gets your heart pumping faster and makes you overexcited and aroused too quickly. This results in early ejaculation because it causes an abundant release of hormones and a rapid rise in arousal level.

You will last longer in bed by simply paying attention to your breathing and breathing slower. Always maintain slow, semi-deep breathing throughout the entire session. It’s especially critical to do this right from the beginning. If you wait until the last second it will be much harder to reverse the situation.

Here is a quick breathing technique you can use if you’re getting too close to ejaculation.

*Triangular Breathing
This type of breathing technique is used in Yoga and other similar types of meditation. Its purpose is to bring about a deep level of calmness and relaxation. As for premature ejaculation, it helps because it can relieve performance anxiety and lower your arousal to a level that’s easier to control. In addition, it will keep you calm and increase serotonin production.

How to do triangular breathing (it can be done while having sex):
1. Inhale for 3 seconds.
2. Pause and hold for 3 seconds.
3. Exhale for 3 seconds.
4. Instantly start over.

It’s that simple.

As you can see, with this technique you are breathing at equal intervals, and you’re doing it three times. It’s like a triangle, which has three equal sides; hence, triangular breathing.

In regards to the 3 seconds, this was just an example. You can choose an interval of whatever you prefer. Choose an interval that is comfortable and works for you personally.

Starting out, you will probably count the seconds in your head as you breathe. Eventually, you’ll get the hang of it so you don’t have to. Sometimes though, when arousal or excitement goes a little too far, it’s a good idea to count the seconds and focus solely on the breathing, as this will help relax you and temporarily take your mind off the arousal.

At first most people would probably think this technique and breath control in general wouldn’t do much in regards to lasting longer, but honestly you should really give this a try. I think you will be quite surprised with the results. You will feel a lot more in control and your arousal will stay in check much easier.

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