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Today I'm going to go over 3 simple quick fix techniques. These aren't the best techniques (the best techniques are only given to people who use the Ejaculation Trainer), but they're still very effective at delaying ejaculation.

Technique #1 - Certain positions help you last longer. The position you use during sex is not really going to help with premature ejaculation by itself, but certain positions definitely work better when it comes to delaying ejaculation and prolonging the experience.

The basic missionary style will usually make you ejaculate the quickest. This is caused from having to use more groin muscles to thrust, and from the common excitement spike most men report when using this position. To make lasting in missionary position easier, keep your body upright. Don't lean over face to face. It's easier to stay upright if there's a pillow underneath her bottom. This also props her up for easier access and less effort when deep thrusting.

Standing up while holding her around you, or lying down and having her on top will allow you to last the longest.

Standing up is kind of awkward, but it can be very exciting and will increase your lasting time.

Having her on top is the easiest time to keep your body relaxed because you don't have to do any thrusting yourself. However, if she's on top you'll have less control of the thrusting rhythm. You'd have to tell her to stop or slow down when getting close to ejaculate, which isn't exactly the best thing to say on a first time or one-night stand.

Variations of doggy style are somewhere in the middle. They allow for easy access and good control, but like missionary position they often cause an increase in excitement.

A position where you feel relaxed and in control of your ejaculation is going to be your best bet.

It can also depend on personal preferences. Some men may 'get off' more when a woman is on top, or vice versa. Whichever makes it easier to keep your ejaculation under control is what you should begin your lovemaking session with.

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Technique #2 - Acclimation, or becoming acclimated, means adapting to a change of environment. In terms of sex, it's your penis adapting to the feeling of a vagina, so that it feels less intense/sensitive which allows you to last longer.

If you have a regular partner, this information on acclimation will have you lasting longer by tonight.

Here is a prime example of how the human body experiences acclimation:

Think of what it feels like when you get into a hot tub. The hot water is a change from your current environment. It feels very warm, and of course, it feels very good at first. At first, you are very sensitive to the feeling of the hot water. This makes you get into the tub slowly, and is usually accompanied by heavy breathing. But what happens if you sit in a hot tub for 5-15 minutes? If the water isn't exceedingly hot, your body will adapt to the change of environment, making the hot water less stimulating, and your body less sensitive to feeling it. It will feel as if the water is the same temperature (or at least close) to your body's. The same goes for a regular swimming pool or even the average lake. It will feel cold at first, but your body will adjust to the temperature after a few minutes.

Your penis can acclimate this same way when inside a vagina. Many men notice that during the beginning of sex, they are the most sensitive, and that makes it the hardest time to keep from ejaculating. This is due to the process of acclimation. If you could just make it through this process, you will last longer because your penis will begin to feel a bit numb and less sensitive.

So if you have a partner, have her sit on you for a while without moving too much. The warm moist environment of her vagina will cause your penis to acclimate to the change. After 5-15 minutes (depending on your rate of acclimation), it will be less stimulating and you won't feel as sensitive (just like a hot tub). You can then begin having sex, and you will definitely last longer.

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Technique #3 - Never go into sex or masturbation with a full bladder. This puts pressure on the prostate, seminal vesicles, and the perineal muscles. This pressure will contribute to early ejaculation. So before you join the act, always relieve yourself first.

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I hope these 3 techniques can be of some use. If you'd like to learn over a dozen more quick fix techniques that are EVEN BETTER than these, check out YOUR AFFILIATE LINK and get started with the Ejaculation Trainer today. You'll also learn how to develop natural ejaculation control with permanent results.

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