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Did you know the average man only lasts 2-6 minutes in bed before ejaculating? On the flip side, women take on average 10+ minutes to reach climax. This poses a problem for many men. With 40-50% of men facing premature ejaculation, and an even greater number of men who just can’t last very long, the majority of men are quite frankly not very good in bed.

What you’re going to learn in this email is how to NOT be one of these men. There’s nothing wrong with being average in other aspects of life, but when it comes to sexual performance you should always try to be your best. When it comes to sex, average is just plain old boring.

After using the information below you will be able to easily last 10-30 minutes longer tonight and permanently gain control over your ejaculation. These techniques are completely natural and guaranteed to work for any man.

Much of the information we discuss in this newsletter is stuff we’ve taken from the Ejaculation Trainer, which is the #1 source for premature ejaculation and lasting longer. Head on over to their website to get the full scoop and learn everything there is to know about ejaculation control.


What is the Ejaculation Trainer?

The Ejaculation Trainer is an ebook package that can be accessed and read online. The main ebook explains how to end premature ejaculation for good. It’s basically a blueprint on how to develop natural control over your ejaculation. It actually reprograms your ejaculatory reflex so that you last longer without even trying.

This involves a combination of techniques, learning knowledge, and following a specific approach that attacks premature ejaculation from all three angles; the physical, mental, and hormonal. This multi-angle approach is what makes the Ejaculation Trainer so effective and stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Long story short, there is not a single stone left unturned. Absolutely everything you could possibly know about premature ejaculation and how to last longer is discussed thoroughly.

Besides the method to reprogram your ejaculatory reflex, there are many more techniques and information that will show you how to last longer. There are techniques and methods to instantly last longer, and they teach you all the things you should and shouldn’t do in order to delay ejaculation and last longer.

Another nice thing about the Ejaculation Trainer is how easy it is to use and comprehend. It’s not a 300 page scientific journal that takes days to go through. It gets straight to the point and only takes 1-2 hours to read.

Here are a few of the topics discussed in the Ejaculation Trainer that I got from the website.

A 5-step plan for conquering your Premature Ejaculation forever... there is no way premature ejaculation can win once you learn this.

The huge mistake you're making right now that only makes it more likely you'll ejaculate as soon as sex begins.

A sexual technique that’ll drive her crazy with pleasure, but at the same time raise your "helpful" hormone levels... so she goes wild while you last longer and longer.

The 4 step breathing technique you can use immediately to delay your ejaculation - this works like crazy, even if it's your first time.

Emergency techniques you must know... when you're first learning the system, slipups happen... but these will slam on the brakes and slow you back down...

How to "re-wire" your ejaculatory reflex so that you’re able to tolerate longer stimulation before reaching your peak... this will give you the 'natural ability' to last longer

How to ride the wave of arousal for long periods of time without blowing early... once you get this down, you'll realize that it's really you who controls how long you last.

How to control the 4 stages of arousal, and make sure you don't experience them all too soon... it's game over when you hit #4, so it's really worth knowing this.

The male multiple orgasm - there are 4 different types, and you’ll learn how to achieve all of them... your partner will think you're some kind of superhero.

The shocking truth about one of the best arousal control methods ever created… it’s not what you think!

How to control your ejaculation "triggers"... most people have no idea at all about these, but once you know what they are, you can pretty easily avoid them

The easy relaxation technique that will let you go for longer, right now, this minute - sounds crazy, but this is ultra effective and anyone can do it...

As you can see the ebook really does cover everything, and this isn’t even half of it. There’s much more covered in the actual ebook.

Besides the main ebook, there’s also a smaller ebook that covers quick-fix techniques to immediately last longer. Learning total ejaculation control can take a matter of days up to a few weeks, so they provide this in case you need a solution right away.

There are 18 of these quick-fix techniques, and they will allow you to last 10-30 minutes longer the same day you read them. They really are some great stuff, and they aren’t like all the other lame techniques you find online about squeezing, pulling, pushing, etc. They’re all custom techniques that you won’t find anywhere else.

So… that’s mainly what the Ejaculation Trainer consists of. It’s by far the most advanced solution available to last longer and end premature ejaculation. After reading this short ebook, you will go from average to literally being one of the few men who are actually great in bed. You will be the kind of man who puts up a performance that women will never forget.

Visit YOUR AFFILIATE LINK to get the Ejaculation Trainer online.

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