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Subject line --- {!firstname_fix}, you definitely don't want to miss this one

Hi {!firstname_fix},

Hey it’s YOUR NAME again. I just wanted to drop by and let you in on some news I heard today. Remember that online ebook I told you about in my last newsletter? The Ejaculation Trainer? I just heard they are offering a 50% discount on the entire package. Last time they did that the promotion only lasted three days, so I’d get on this while you can.

In case you didn’t get my last email, the Ejaculation Trainer is an ebook you can read online. It only takes an hour or two to read and it’s very easy to comprehend and put to use. The Ejaculation Trainer shows you how to permanently get rid of premature ejaculation naturally, and they also show you 18 quick fix techniques to instantly last 10-30 minutes longer the same day you use it.

You can read the ebook online at YOUR AFFILIATE LINK.

Make sure to snag this deal while it’s still around.

Anyways, I hope all is well with you and I wish you the best.




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