“How You Can Last 10-30 Minutes Longer In Bed Tonight & Permanently End The Pain & Embarrassment Of Premature Ejaculation



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"...Since reading your ebook I've added a good 20 minutes to my sex and have been lasting longer than my girlfriend lately..."

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You'll last longer - tonight... It's a sad fact that the average guy can only last 2 to 6 minutes... and that's for people without Premature Ejaculation. Once you've gone through my training, you can expect to go for at least 20 minutes hard thrusting no problem... but most clients go on to be able to make love for between 1 and 3 hours... 

You'll developer a bigger, stronger, longer-lasting erection... It's no myth that women prefer it if you're bigger and stronger in that area... and they're certainly going to prefer it when you're still hard enough to go again straight after... and again after that.

You'll experience life-changing, permanent results... we've talked about how much of a difference this can make, but you have to understand that it's permanent. It's not some quick, temporary fix, like a numb spray or ineffective pill - this will give you a life long improvement.

You'll have an unfair advantage over other men... No longer will you be worried that ex-boyfriends lasted longer or gave more satisfaction... you'll be the benchmark in every relationship you have. Can you imagine what it's like to have every single woman say "That was the best I've ever had..."

Instantly add 10-30 minutes to your performance tonight... It can take time to cure your problem permanently (usually no more than a few weeks), so I've also included 18 emergency techniques you can use to last longer right now - they're safe, easy, and literally any guy can use them.


"This is absolutely genius, I can't thank you enough, my last relationship ended because of my problem now I can go into my next relationship with my head held high, because after reading your book last night I tried everything you said and with a mix of your techniques and will power I was able to go from 3-4 minutes to just under an hour on my FIRST attempt, I feel so much happier in myself and I owe it all to you, you have changed my life for ever."


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Lancashire, England


" made perfect sense. I cannot believe the difference I noticed the same week. My sex life has exploded into a whole new ball game. I am very happy, and so is she!! No more wondering if she is going to climax, I'm in control of that.What a load off my mind, and a big boost of confidence that I needed. I should have done this a while ago. Thank you very much."


Rochester, NY



"...I read it immediately, could not put it down! We read almost the entire thing out loud together and discussed it with each other. This subject is very difficult for us, mostly because it triggers his feelings of self doubt and things along those lines. I didn't expect us to be intimate last night, but we cuddled up in bed together and ended up having the best sex we have ever had in our entire relationship! It is clear as a bell now what has been going on! We were able to make love for a LONG time with NO STRESS."


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