Premature Ejaculation and the PC Muscle

Most people have at least heard of Kegel’s, exercises for women designed to strengthen their vaginal muscles. Few realize however that there is also a version for men. The focus is on learning to control the PC muscle. This is the collective name given to a group of muscles that run from the anus to the base of the penis and around. Learning to control these muscles can be beneficial to any man, but particularly those suffering from premature ejaculation.

Most men have a difficult time at first learning how to contract and release their PC muscles. It is actually the same muscles that are used to stop urination. If a man stops his stream mid-urination, those are the PC muscles he just used. With practice, and by following a routine such as the one covered in the Ejaculation Trainer, a man will be able to develop a stronger PC muscle and have better control over it. It’s not recommended that you practice using your PC muscles on your own without the aid of some sort of manual. These aren’t muscles that are used very frequently and often times are weak, especially in those suffering from premature ejaculation. There is a good chance of injuring your body if you attempt to work with the PC muscles in an improper manner, which would make your problems even worse.

Probably the biggest misconception regarding the PC muscle and premature ejaculation is how it’s used. Over and over people say it’s to be used to ‘hold in’ ejaculation. While this may help if you’re about to go over the top, the main focus should be on how to keep it relaxed. Mastering relaxing the PC muscle can be very beneficial to men who suffer from premature ejaculation. During intercourse, most of a man’s body, including his PC muscle, is tense. This tension increases sensitivity, leading to higher states of arousal and the loss of ejaculation control. By relaxing these muscles during intercourse, the pressure is lessened and arousal goes down.

By learning to control your PC muscle, you will not only be able to last longer during intercourse, but you will more than likely be able to orgasm multiple times. Once the PC muscle is strong enough, it will actually be able to reduce the amount of semen that is released during orgasm by contracting the muscle as firmly as possible. This will keep you from climaxing completely and usually within a short period of time you will be ready to orgasm again. This can be helpful both in regular intercourse and in those situations where you find yourself climaxing before you would like. If you can reduce how much you release, you can keep your arousal level up so that you can continue on long enough to please your partner.

The Ejaculation Trainer covers absolutely everything about the PC muscle. It doesn’t just say to squeeze it like every other website or book. It focuses more on teaching you how to keep it relaxed, and therefore prevent the PC muscle contractions that lead to ejaculation and orgasm. This is critical knowledge that is only covered in the Ejaculation Trainer.

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