Seeing a Doctor For Premature Ejaculation

There is a lot of stress put on men to perform well in bed, so when a problem arises such as premature ejaculation, it can be hard for a man to talk about it. Opening up about it can make a huge difference though. Few men would be comfortable talking to their buddies about any sexual problems, and sometimes they may not even want to talk to their partner. While it’s alright to feel some reserve when talking to others about any sexual concerns, a man should always feel comfortable talking to their doctor. They are trained professionals that will want to help you with your concerns and can provide you with advice.

You can make a special appointment to talk to your doctor about premature ejaculation any time, but also don't hesitate to bring it up when you are in for your regular checkup or if you are there for some other health reason. Like I said before, these are trained professionals that are here to help you. They understand that a healthy sex life is a large factor in overall well being. It's understandable to feel a little embarrassed when talking to your doctor about your sex life, but think about some of the other problems that patients are asking them everyday. In their eyes it’s not embarrassing at all, it’s just another day.

When you talk about premature ejaculation with your doctor, they will ask you a few generalized questions. Having this information ready for your visit will help the doctor provide better advice. Of course they will want to know the symptoms of PE that you are experiencing, like how often you ejaculate before you or your partner would like, how long you usually last, and if you’re experiencing any pain or other symptoms. They will also want to go over your sexual history, and whether or not this has always been a problem or a more recent development. They will want to see if there is some sort of pattern to your situation. They will also want to get a medical history to see if there is perhaps a medical reason for your premature ejaculation, such as an enlarged prostate or a prostate infection.

Talking to a doctor about your premature ejaculation can be the first step in overcoming premature ejaculation. Talking to a trained professional can help you feel at ease and help point you in the right direction. It would probably be a good idea to think of whatever questions you would like to ask your doctor before you go, since many of us tend to forget things once we get to where we are going.

Chances are there isn’t a medical problem that’s causing your premature ejaculation. Rarely is this the case for men. Because of this, there isn’t much a doctor can do but give some advice and encouragement. If this is the case, we highly recommend asking him about using an ejaculation control program like the Ejaculation Trainer. If you correctly explain what it entails, he will likely agree that it’s the best solution for a regular guy who doesn’t have any medical problems, but would just like to last longer and learn how to prevent premature ejaculation.

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