The Psychological Effects of Premature Ejaculation

There is some debate about what actually defines premature ejaculation; how long does the man have to last, does it have to affect a man alone or his partner too, should there be different categories for general vs. situational premature ejaculation. While these factors may be debatable, one thing is for sure. That’s the unfortunate fact that premature ejaculation takes a huge psychological toll on a man.

There is a lot of pressure on a man to perform sexually, and perform well. More importantly than the ability to kill bugs or fix the car, our society links how well a man is as a lover with his worth as a man. When a man feels that he is unable to sexually satisfy his partner, his self-esteem takes a big hit. After repeated failed performances, a man can begin to become depressed, start to lose sleep, and become irritable. Many men who suffer from premature ejaculation feel that they have no control over their sexual abilities. Whenever they do try to perform, their self-doubt can actually make the problem even worse, making him feel even worse about himself. It can become a vicious cycle if not dealt with.

This toll on a man’s self esteem can drastically affect his relationships. Men who are single may shy away from sexual relationships for fear of embarrassment, even if they are truly interested in a woman. After awhile they may begin to cut themselves off from all social situations because of their falling self esteem. Those in relationships will begin to suffer from a rift between partners. The man feels ashamed of his inability to perform, the woman doesn’t know what to say, and both partners are left frustrated and unsatisfied. Relationships may unfortunately come to an end because these problems aren’t resolved. A couple may also suffer because having to deal with the pressure of premature ejaculation can make a man increasingly insecure. He may start to worry that if he isn’t sexually satisfying his partner, than someone else must be. This can quickly lead to even more tension in the relationship since not only is communication taking a hit, but trust is too.

The psychological effects of premature ejaculation can quickly spiral out of control. The more frustrated and depressed a man gets about his inability to perform, the more his self esteem and relationships suffer. This hit on self-esteem and personal life further exacerbate the inability to control ejaculation. That leads to even more problems with self-esteem and happiness. Men don’t have to keep spiraling downwards though, there are some very effective solutions available that will teach a man how to regain control of his arousal, and in turn of his life.

The Ejaculation Trainer discusses every aspect of premature ejaculation, including the psychological factors and how to address them.

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